Psychomotor skills

Colorful sensory game to play with children's fine motor skills

Is it possible to learn colors in a fun way? The answer to this question is 'yes', but can logic in younger children also be fun and enjoyable? The answer is also 'yes'. And can you improve while playing fine motor skills? The answer is affirmative again. Now the question is inevitable: How? Making it attractive to boys and girls, through colorful and sensory games.

This time I propose a different and fun exercise. This fundamentally develops the classification, which represents lThe first steps towards learning more complex math concepts. Classification generates a series of mental relationships through which boys and girls group objects according to similarities and differences, based on different criteria: shape, color, size, etc. But, in addition, it helps to improve the fine psychomotrocity of the little ones and stimulates their senses. Let's see it!


  • White cardboard or foil
  • Rule
  • Crayons, markers, or colored pencils
  • Zip Lock Freezer Bag
  • Scent pompoms
  • Baby body oil
  • Black masking tape or masking tape (optional)

This sensory game is focused on students in the first cycle of Early Childhood Education, specifically students between 2 and 3 and a half years approximately, and we will classify pompoms according to their color with innovative and motivating materials for them. do you want to know what is it about? Well let's go!

By following these simple six steps we can carry out our activity.

1. On a sheet or a white card we color vertical lines of the colors that we are going to use. To find out the size of these colored stripes, we place the freezer bag on the sheet and draw its silhouette. We divide the resulting rectangle into parts (as many as the colors we are going to use). It is necessary to try that all the columns are of the same thickness.

2. We glue the folio or cardboard on the back of the bag to freeze.

3. Fill the freezer bag with body oil Up to the middle.

4, We pour the pompons In the freezer bag, as many as we want and colors we have chosen.

5. We close the bag well with the help of the hermetic closure. If we wish, we can seal it even more with masking tape or black adhesive to prevent possible leaks. You can never be far-sighted enough!

6. We leave the bag lying on a smooth surface and to classify colors! For a better hold and that the bag does not move a lot, we can again use the masking tape or black adhesive to stick the bag on the sides to the table or to the floor, depending on where we have planned the activity.

Now, the kids just have to try to match the pom poms to the matching color on the rainbow column card stock. So much fun and exhilarating!

In addition to being fun, this activity offers great benefits to the little ones who participate in it. These are some of the most obvious:

- Develop logic in children
The logical mathematical knowledge is fundamental for the cognitive development of the boy and the girl, for that reason it is worked from the first childhood, to enhance cognitive functions such as perception, attention or memory.

In the first cycle of Early Childhood Education, the boy and girl experiment with objects that surround them, discovering some of their properties, such as size, shape, color, etc. For this reason, it is important to develop activities with objects that we have at home and that the boy and girl see and observe.

- We promote discrimination
With this resource we get the boy or girl to be able to identify, discriminate and relate colors with their respective pompoms, in a playful and entertaining way for them.

- Stimulation of the senses
This activity also provides us with a high sensory content, since thanks to the body oil that we put inside the bag, a soft, slippery, chubby and flowing texture is created, it is not static, but changes when we touch it and that generates new experiences manipulative in our sons and daughters that they can hardly experience in other circumstances.

- Promotes the development of fine motor skills
All this favors the development of fine motor skills, so important in these early ages (0-3 years) and to work on manual eye coordination, a key factor in our activity that together with observation and attention will guarantee the fun and success of this striking resource .

I encourage you to carry it out at home, you will like it as much as your sons and daughters.

Video: Fine Motor Skill Activities for Ages 3-4 years old. DIY Activities. Mom of 10 (January 2022).