Discover the best study method for your child according to their way of being

Discover the best study method for your child according to their way of being

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Have you noticed that you are constantly being reinforced that it is essential to do a study method? You, as a parent, constantly manage and make an effort to make a whole scheme that allows your child to strengthen his tools so that he can learn the contents. However, the work of discovering which of all the tools is the best is a constant search that is sometimes too long. And it is that, each child is different and, as such, needs a study method that fits your way of being.

The importance of finding a study method suited to a child's personality it is very important at school. However, on that same inquiry, I have also been able to show that this problem of the study method is transferred when young people go to university. Note that one of the greatest difficulties is precisely discovering which of all the strategies and learning dynamics serve me to focus my training. Even this difficulty is transferred when entering the world of work, because since I do not know myself I am not able to work according to my own personality.

Well, my goal with this article is to help you, as a parent, find the best study method for your child taking into account their personality. For this, the intention is to present a series of reflections on the temperaments or structures of our way of being and indicate those study strategies that can best be adapted according to the temperament of each one.

I would like to begin with a brief introduction to temperaments. For a long time people were classified by these traits. Hippocrates made the first classification, according to which humans had within the body certain fluids (called humors) such as bile, black bile, phlegm and blood, whose balance determined the temperament of people. For example, if phlegm predominated, a person was said to be phlegmatic, or if blood predominated, that he was choleric.

Despite advances in science, this theory is still useful for these purposes. It is not so much in terms of the classification developed by this Greek in relation to the nervous system and endocrine influence.

The four temperaments of the human being are: Sanguineous, Choleric, Melancholic and Phlegmatic. We are going to give a brief description of each one.

1. Blood Temperament
Bloods are very active, happy people, the kind who love to be the center of the party. They have a fast, almost instantaneous nervous system, and are characterized by being very sensitive. By the same token, a sanguine person is an extrovert, almost an open book. In this way, the study method that best suits the sanguine temperament is that based on asking questions and talking with others to learn.

2. Choleric temperament
The person with this temperament has a quick, concise and very irascible nervous system. He is tremendously orderly and with such a high frame of mind that he may have many leadership skills. An important element is that he is a perfectionist. In this case, therefore, the study method for the choleric temperament is based on the preparation of concept maps or planned summaries.

3. Melancholic temperament
He is very emotionally sensitive and has a tremendous life inside. It is said that it is the richest temperament of all since it is the only one that has a very powerful capacity for reflection that allows it to analyze and discover itself much deeper than other people. Starting from this way of being, those with a melancholic temperament need a study method that seeks to understand the contents and their relationship with personal experience.

4. Phlegmatic temperament
The phlegmatic has a balanced nervous system. It is so normalized that it is very difficult to identify if you are angry, sad or happy. He never loses his composure and he never looks angry, which is why he is usually the most pleasant temperament of all, but at the same time the most mysterious. That is why the best study method for one with a phlegmatic temperament is one that is highly organized and planned.

Our idea is from these temperaments discover our own study strategies. And that is significant, since these tools will allow each one to give a meaning and an identity to their own work. This is very positive, as you will leave a very powerful mark because you were able to project your own identity in your acting life.

"I think one way or another we learn who we really are and then we live with that decision," Eleanor Roosevelt once said. Let's really do that exercise so that in our attempt to learn better it is a door learn better about yourself.

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