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The question game to build an (even more) happy family

The question game to build an (even more) happy family

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Today I propose a game so that together you can build an even happier family. Its about game of questions, which will encourage you to reflect on what your family nucleus is like and, in this way, improve family relationships. Both parents and children are invited to try this enriching activity.

The quality of the questions represents the quality of our life, and that is, asking ourselves good questions will cause us to create answers and realities adapted to what we want to live. Therefore, review the answer to these questions, share the answers, start a debate and make your children appreciate the answers and even participate in them.

1. What are you really grateful for?
Write and detail the acknowledgments that you can do daily alone or with your children.

2. What energy do you experience at home?
Ask and compare the response of all family members. Next, you must adapt that energy that you have at home to the one that most of you want to live.

3. What is good at home?
What do your children do well? What do you do well? Doing things well or not and talking about it can help you create new patterns of behavior both on a personal and family level. And all of them will be for the better.

4. What would a special birthday be like?
Share the answers and if possible, enforce them on the next birthday you celebrate at home.

5. What is the first thing you say and do when the day begins?
Sometimes we start on autopilot, always saying and doing the same thing. And, as a consequence, we live in a boring, continuous and endless routine. Surprise the whole family with a new way to wake up!

6. What would you do for your family?
And they for you? How far are you willing to go? Where are the limits? Share the answers, it will be a different way of talking about limits at home.

7. As parents, what are your main fears?
What fears do you want to avoid transmitting to your children? Do you live in fear? Fear paralyzes us, so we must prevent our children from living without making decisions or insecure because of these fears. Fears are contagious!

8. How is your role as a mother? What is your role as a parent like?
In the relationship with your children, what kind of family do you want to create? What positive impact do you want to leave on your child? Doing this reflection will be very positive for the way in which you build that better family.

9. What is a happy day for your child? And for your partner?
Find out how your children and your partner understand that it is a happy day ... and try to make it possible!

10. Do you talk about how you love each other in the family?
As parents, have you reflected on the feeling of being parents? Or the feeling of love? Do you talk about how you love each other in the family? What words do you use to convey feelings? A very important reflection for the family to have solid pillars.

11. Do you think what you feel?
And do you feel what you think? Thinking and feeling are different ways of making our children understand the connection that exists between reason and the heart.

12. What topics would you like to talk about at home?
And in the same way ... what topics do they avoid talking about? What issues create conflict? What topics are they talking about that amuse you?

13. Can you finish what you start?
Finishing what is started is one of the best messages and examples that we can send to our children. Does what you start finish?

14. What is the source of inspiration to achieve happiness?
Discover it and make your children aware of it. In this way, everyone can row towards happiness as a family.

15. Do you feel that you give your children permission to feel sad?
How do you experience sadness at home? How is this feeling displayed? Without sadness, there can be no happiness. Hence, it is an emotion that we also have to talk about with our children.

16. Do you feel that you give your children permission to feel love? and happiness?
Try to reflect on how feelings are shown as a family and talk about it.

Take advantage of your family meetings to open a debate with these questions. This way you will get to know each other better and better and you will be working to build an even happier family.

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