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Stories about work and effort for children

Stories are great transmitters of values ​​for children. For this reason, it is advisable to read stories to children, even if they cannot read, to instill in them the sense and importance of fundamental values ​​in their emotional development.

Thinking about it, has selected the best stories for children that deal with the value of effort and work. A value that without a doubt, they will need so that they understand that only with discipline and responsibility, they can achieve what they want. And that through work, they can learn to be constant, disciplined and efficient.

Here you have a series of short stories that talk about work, effort, discipline and perseverance. Feel free to dramatize the stories and use your wit to keep your children's attention. Explain the moral of each story to them so they understand what these values ​​mean.

Fables and stories that talk about work and effort to children

The Ant and the Grasshopper. The fable The grasshopper and the ant, for children. A traditional children's fable with a moral. This fable teaches the value of work and effort. Short stories with a message for children. Fables are a good resource to entertain and educate children. That fable is a classic instructive children's story. Children will learn that without effort and without work, they will not be able to achieve their goals.

The three Little Pigs. The three Little Pigs. Children's, popular and traditional stories for children. New children's stories from our readers. Publish your children's story on the Internet.

Uga the turtle. We offer you the story of 'Uga the turtle', a beautiful short story to teach children the values ​​of effort and perseverance. This story, by Uga the turtle, encourages perseverance and perseverance in the education of children. Short children's stories to awaken children's interest in reading.

Hugo's training wheels. Hugo really liked riding his bike, but he still wore training wheels, because he was afraid of falling. His mother insisted on taking off his training wheels, but he resisted. Until one day, some squirrels, made him change his mind. I had to try it!

The red hen. The red hen. The Red Hen is a short story for children that talks about the value of effort.

Selena, the ant. With Selena the ant, children can learn the value of effort and work. That everything is possible if we strive and work on it. Stories that educate and teach.

The hare and the Tortoise. The hare and the Tortoise. Fables are little stories that always carry a good message or a moral. This fable teaches children the value of effort and that you should never make fun of others. Read with your children one of the most popular fables of all time: The Hare and the Tortoise, by Aesop.

The fox and the grapes. The Fox and the Grapes Fables are a good resource for educating children. This fable teaches children that many times to get what we want we have to face difficulties and that we should not lose interest because of them.

The eagle, the raven and the pastor. The Eagle, the Raven and the Shepherd is a popular Aesop fable that you can read to children. Fables contain morals to educate in values. Aesop's children's fables.

The broom and the dustpan. Story about teamwork. We invite you to read the short story, The Broom and the Dustpan, a story about a proud broom who thought she was better than her colleague the Dustpan and didn't think she needed their help. This children's story about teamwork will teach children the importance of being humble and collaborating with each other to achieve a goal.

Scared to death. Being a worker is a value that we must instill in children. Effort pays off in the long run, and teaches us to be better people to others. This is a children's fable about the importance of work and being honest with our colleagues. Find out how the fable Scare to Death ends.

Colored protagonists. Protagonistas de colores is a story in which we can teach the child the value and importance of working as a team or together. Juan is a small artist who has many colors, but in his room there are always fights between pencils because everyone thinks they are the most important.

The path of the river. Learning to collaborate with others and knowing the benefits of teamwork is great learning for children. This story: The River Path can help us explain why it is so important to cooperate with others.

The storks' nest. If you think that your child is not trying and does not persevere enough to achieve their goals, we invite you to read them The Storks' Nest, a beautiful children's story about effort. Stories are an excellent vehicle to educate our children in values ​​and convey to them the importance of hard work to achieve what one sets out to do.

The dinosaur and the fish. Children's story in pictograms about effort. This short story with pictograms is ideal to talk to children about values ​​as important as effort, perseverance and perseverance to achieve their dreams. With the story of The Dinosaur and the Fish in Pictures, children will also practice their reading skills.

Apart from stories, parents, in addition to seeking to be an example to their children, will be able to apply the value of work and effort with small and important tasks that can be carried out by children, considering their ages, capacities and abilities. These values ​​can be instilled, for simple purposes:

1. Teach children that each age has a task at home

2. Collect and sort their toys. After a day of games, they should put each toy in its place

3. Set and remove the table to eat

4. Make the bed after wearing it all night

5. Fold and store clothes, socks ...

6. Carry and put clothes in the washing machine

7. Water the plants

8. Pass the duster to remove dust from the furniture

9. Help with the shopping list

10. Vacuuming

Remember that for children to do these tasks, they need guidance and time to learn how they can do them properly. Patience, children are not born knowing everything.

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