Videos to learn sign language

Videos to learn sign language

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Sign language is one more way of communicating, in which they use hand gestures to convey words. Not only is it useful for children who have trouble speaking or hearing, but it is well known to everyone as it has many benefits.

Knowing sign language not only does NOT delay speech in babies, it reinforces it and helps them improve and expand their vocabulary. It is a simple exercise that contributes to your intellectual and manual development.

Thinking about it, has prepared a series of videos in which an expert teaches us how to say some words in sign language. We teach you to say names of animals, names of parts of the human body, the days of the week, and much more, in sign language.

The family. The vocabulary of the family in sign language for children. With this guide you will be able to know with your children the gesture for each word of the family. Like saying father, mother, cousin, twins, uncle, grandmother ..., in sign language.

Colors. Learn the colors in sign language with your children. With this video, children will easily learn the basic vocabulary of Spanish sign language. It also has pictures and the written word so that the little ones can follow it.

Body parts. How to learn body parts in sign language. This video shows us the names of the parts of the body in sign language, in an easy way so that children can learn it in a fun and curious way.

Clothes. Sign language for children. How to say pants, dress, socks and other pieces of clothing in language or sign language.

Transportation. How to learn the vocabulary of the different means of transport in the Spanish sign language. It is a simple demonstration for children and the whole family accompanied with images and text at an appropriate pace.

The days of the week. Language or sign language for children. Learn about the days of the week and the months of the year in sign language with your children. In this video you will learn the basic vocabulary accompanied by drawings and text so that the little ones can have fun learning.

Summer and winter. Basic vocabulary about summer and winter in Spanish sign language, for the whole family. Children can easily learn sign language, with pictures and text.

Spring and fall. How to easily learn vocabulary about the seasons of the year in Spanish sign language? Teaching children this language is very easy. The video is accompanied by drawings and text that allow a quick understanding of each word.

Professions. Children can learn the vocabulary of professions in Spanish Sign Language. Learn this language easily with your children. In this video the images and text will help you understand each sign.

Insects How to say the name of insects in sign language. Learn with your children to say worm, butterfly, ant, cockroach, etc., in sign language. Ideal for children to communicate with a partner who is deaf.

Fruits. How to say the name of fruits in sign language. In this video children will be able to listen, see the image and the sign corresponding to the basic vocabulary of this language corresponding to fruits. A new simple way to learn Spanish Sign Language.

Sea animals. Aquatic animals in language or sign language. How to learn Spanish sign language? In this video we have an example of basic vocabulary for children. In this case it is the animals that live in the water.

Animals. Learn to say the names of animals in sign language. How to learn Spanish sign language? In this video the interpreter Isabel Tiburcio teaches us the basic vocabulary of animals. It is easy and fun learning for children.

Fingerprint alphabet. Alphabet sign language for kids. Learn with your children the letters of the fingerprint alphabet. With pictures and the name of the letters it will be easier for children to know this language.

Many parents believe that sign language is intended only for children with speech problems. Learning sign language is actually beneficial for all children, for a few reasons:

1. Stimulates and helps in the verbal language of children. Children will be able to understand the connection between gesture and word.

2. Stimulates the concentration and attention of children. They will learn to focus as much on what they say as on what they do.

3. Create a different channel of expression and communication of the child with other people. It is as if it were another language.

4. Helps improve children's vocabulary. The gestures translated into words favor the learning of more words.

5. Signs serve to enrich and enhance language, not to replace it.

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