The importance of singing lullabies to the baby

The importance of singing lullabies to the baby

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Taking the baby in your arms, rocking him and humming a melody, often learned and sometimes invented, to relax or dominate him is an act as old as the human being.

This simple but stimulating bond with the baby has been the subject of countless studies, which have concluded thatSinging lullabies to your baby has numerous benefits.

There are many investigations that have been based on the impact that lullabies have on the baby, from the moment they are in the womb and until early childhood.

1 - There is a relationship between lullabies and language development, in such a way, that babies who have been exposed to melodies and lullabies from the earliest stages developed better language skills.

2 - Premature babies have also been the object of study and it has been shown that premature newborns if they are exposed to lullabies reduce their heart rate, improve their diet and their sleep, thus tend to be discharged earlier.

3 - Some experts also say that music already impacts the baby inside the womb, in such a way that, if the mother sings a melody regularly or constantly listens to a certain lullaby, at birth, that same melody will be able to calm and relax them.

4 - The main reason why it is important to sing lullabies to the baby is because it helps him calm down, in fact the classic saying of "music soothes the beasts" comes from the legend of Orpheus who had the power to calm animals wild with the melody of his harp. Hence this popular saying has spread, since helps in stressful situations or moments of nerves both children and adults.

5 - Singing to the baby is a great way to stimulate bonding and attachment with the.

6 - Singing lullabies to the baby helps to stimulate the emotional development of children, since it gives them security and confidence.

7 - Improves mood of the baby.

8 - Music favors the cognitive development of the baby and helps him to acquire new motor and social skills.

9 - Helps them fall asleep more easily.

You don't have to know how to sing well, or know the entire repertoire of lullabies for babies. A simple melody hummed softly to your baby while you rock him is capable of provoking all these incredible reactions in him.

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