Food allergies and intolerances in childhood

Food allergies and intolerances in childhood

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Food allergies are a very common disorder in childhood. The foods that cause the most allergies and intolerances in children are milk, eggs, fish, nuts or wheat.

Do not confuse allergies and intolerances. While allergies cause gastrointestinal disorders such as stomach ache, diarrhea, nausea or vomiting, intolerances also generate respiratory, dermatological, joint or general problems such as headaches or migraines.

In We will tell you which are the most frequent food allergies in childhood, what symptoms they show and how to treat them.

Food allergies. Food allergies in children and babies. Types of allergic reactions to food in children. The most frequent infantile food allergy reactions. Intolerance to lactose and other foods in children.

Questions and Answers About Food Allergies. What are the main foods that cause allergies in children. Unfortunately, any animal or vegetable protein is susceptible to triggering allergic reactions. Dr. María Niella addresses food allergies in children in this interview.

How to treat food allergies. Dr. Begoña Dominguez, president of the Spanish Association of Primary Care Pediatrics (AEPap) presents a new approach to the treatment of food allergies and explains some rules of behavior and how to help the allergic child feel better.

How to detect food allergies. How can we detect a food allergy in a child? How is a food allergy diagnosed in childhood? The nutritionist Lucía Bultó recommends resorting to the advice of a specialist, before removing a food from a child's diet.

Answers to questions about food allergies. Child allergies increase. More and more cases of childhood allergies are being diagnosed in the world. María Niella, president of Histasan, Madrid Association of Food Allergies (Spain), answers some of the general doubts about allergies in children. Answers to some questions about childhood allergies.

Children's allergy to eggs. Children's food allergies. One of the most widespread among children is egg allergy. However, it is an allergy that can subside over the years.

Allergy to milk protein. What does it mean to have a lactose protein allergy? Difference between lactose allergy and lactose intolerance. How to detect lactose allergy in children. What consequences does it have?

Nut allergy. The arrival of Christmas is a good time to take preventive measures against food allergies since a good part of these reactions are caused by nuts, an ingredient that is not lacking in most Christmas sweets.

The fruits that produce more allergy. Peach, melon and kiwi are the fruits that cause the most allergies in children. Experts say that food allergy is the most frequent cause of assistance for anaphylaxis in the emergency services of hospitals. We tell you which are the fruits with which you should be more careful when giving it to your children.

Breastfeeding against allergies. Breastfeeding babies is the best prevention against childhood allergies. Children who have been breastfed are less likely to have both skin and food allergies.

Menu for children with lactose intolerance. Children with lactose intolerance should watch their menu and read the labeling of some products very well. Not only yogurts and milk incorporate lactose. Also other foods such as sliced ​​bread. We propose a weekly menu by seasons to help you prepare your menu.

Fructose intolerance. Hereditary fructose intolerance (HFI) in children is a disease caused by the absence of an enzyme that transforms the sugar contained in fruit and honey. This genetic alteration prevents fructose from being synthesized in the proper way for the child's body, accumulating in the liver, kidneys or intestine.

Lactose intolerant food for children. Foods for children that can replace milk when there is a lactose intolerance. Difference between allergy and intolerance to cow's milk. Interview with dietitian-nutritionist María Luján. Lactose intolerance in childhood

Lactose intolerance. Food intolerances. Lactose intolerance is the inability to digest lactose, a type of sugar found in milk and other dairy products. Nutritionist María Luján explains how lactose intolerance affects premature babies and children.

Gluten-free recipes for celiacs. Recipe ideas for celiac or gluten intolerant children. Recipes specially prepared for celiac children. At Guí we offer you a complete diet specially designed for celiac children. A selection of gluten-free recipes for your child to grow up healthy and safe.

Other allergies in children: spring allergy. Spring allergies often appear in childhood and have a high genetic component, that is, the allergy is inherited. As spring approaches, seasonal allergies and spring asthenia begin.

Other allergies in children: skin allergies. The delicate skin of children reacts against the substance in question and causes dermatitis, itching, rash, eczema, psoriasis, inflammation, redness ... Skin allergies occur when a substance comes into contact with the body, whether they are animals , food, medicine, insects, chemical elements or even the sun.

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