Christmas pancakes and crepes recipes

Crepes or pancakes are one of those recipes that make most of our mouths water. And they are not only delicious, but they also allow a lot of different ways to fill them, whether they are sweet or savory.

In We suggest you prepare original and fun Christmas crepe recipes. Follow our step by step and create pancakes with Christmas shapes like a Christmas tree or Santa Claus. Merry Christmas!

Learn to make original crepes and pancakes with fun shapes to make an original Christmas snack or breakfast for children, as a family.

Christmas crepes shaped like Santa Claus. On our site we suggest you make a delicious crepe with the face of Santa Claus. Kids will love it. This Christmas we propose to make fun, sweet and original snacks for children, how? Creating crepes with original shapes based on Christmas.

Crepes with cheese and strawberries. At GuiaInfantil we propose a mixture of flavors that your family will not be able to resist: the sweetness of the crepes, the softness of the Mascarpone cheese and the intensity of the strawberry. Crepes filled with Mascarpone cheese and strawberries.

Crepes with dulce de leche. A dessert only for those with a sweet tooth, these crepes with dulce de leche will become children's favorites, for dessert or for a snack. Argentine recipe for pancakes with dulce de leche. How to make crepes with dulce de leche.

Crepe shaped like a snowman. If your children like pancakes, we suggest you create original figures and shapes with them to make a fun dish. On our site we invite you to create a delicious crepe shaped like a snowman.

Chocolate crepes. In GuiaInfantil we have been thinking about it so that you can make a different recipe for crepes for your children, and we came up with the following: chocolate crepes with mascarpone cheese.

Christmas tree-shaped pancakes. What do you think of this Christmas tree? It is so beautiful that it is a shame to eat it, however, it is delicious and your children will love it. On our site we explain how to make it step by step.

Apple pancakes. Homemade apple pancake recipe for children. Starting the weekend with a good breakfast can make this moment an ideal time to be with the family. Follow the recipe for apple pancakes, very easy and quick to make for children.

Classic pancakes. our site offers you a recipe for American pancakes that is very easy and quick to make. In addition, it allows the participation of children in its preparation. A recipe to make at home with the children, both for breakfast and for the whole family snack.

Crepes with fruits. Get a healthy and balanced snack for children with this recipe for crepes with fruits. Recipes with fruit for children. Traditional recipe for crepes. Learn how to prepare fruit crepes with this rich and easy recipe. The fruit crepes are ideal to enjoy at breakfast time or as a children's snack.

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