Christmas wreath with pine cones. Easy crafts

The advent wreaths They are a classic decorative element of Christmas. They are usually put on the doors of the houses or even as a centerpiece.

In We show you how you can make a beautiful Christmas wreath at home using recycling material, with the children.


  • Pineapples of various sizes
  • Cardboard plate
  • candles
  • Glue or glue gun
  • Pine branches
  • Satin or tulle bow
  • silver spray to decorate

You just have to go out to the field or park and pick up a few seasonal pineapples. With them and a cardboard or plastic plate we can make a nice Christmas centerpiece.

1. Take a cardboard plate and cut out the center so that only one outer circle remains.

2. Gradually glue the pineapples around the plate.

3. Also have pine branches, you can put them synthetic.

4. With the silver spray paint some of the pinecones to get a more Christmas effect.

5. Tie two bows with satin or tulle ribbon to make it more beautiful.

6. Place four candles around the crown and you have your pineapple crown!