Homemade Christmas card with surprise gift for children

Homemade Christmas card with surprise gift for children

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Sending Christmas postcards is a very beautiful tradition with which we get a big smile from our family and friends. And if, in addition, we do it at home with our children, we can organize a very fun family activity. The best congratulations is the one that is made from the heart.

There are many types of Christmas Christmas, but if you want yours to be different, look for a slightly more original design. In we suggest you do with the children this homemade Christmas card with surprise gift. As you can see it has a pop up effect, because it goes out. You are going to leave everyone with their mouths open!


  • red ribbon
  • glue stick
  • green, red and black marker
  • red, white and green card stock
  • pencil, ruler and scissors

1. Start by clipping a square 21 cm long by 21 cm wide on red card stock. You also have to cut a 19 cm long by 19 cm wide square out of white card stock. Lastly, don't forget another rectangle 20 cm long by 9 cm wide on green card stock. Do you already have them all? Don't miss them because they are the basis of this Christmas card.

2. To continue with this craft, draw a vertical line in the center of the white construction paper square, and then draw two parallel lines; one line to the right and another line to the left. Leave a distance of 2.5 cm on each side from the center line.

Following, draw 5 horizontal lines between the lines you just drew; start from the bottom. The first line goes at a distance of 5 cm from the lower edge; the second one goes 0.5 cm from the line you just drew. Continue marking 5 cm away to trace the third line and then 0.5 cm to trace the fourth. Finish by marking 5 cm more to draw the last line.

You have to have something similar to the one in this photo.

3. Fold the square in half leaving the lines out and cut the 5 horizontal lines with the scissors. Now open it up and fold the cardboard inward along the vertical lines you drew in parallel. You will see that when making the horizontal cuts, a kind of cubes are created.

4. Fold the white cardboard square in half again, now leaving the lines inside. Make sure the cubes are folded in and the rest of the openings are out. This is how you will achieve the pop up effect! This will be the inside of the Christmas card.

5. Color and decorate the cubes with the markers to make them look like Christmas presents. You can let your imagination fly and paint everything you want around: the interior of a room, Santa Claus, a fireplace, more gifts, toys, a teddy bear or a Christmas tree ... happen!

Fold the red construction paper square in half and re-fold the white construction paper square with the gifts and decorations on the inside.

6. Spread the glue on the outside of the white cardboard square to be able to stick it inside the red cardboard square. Start by pasting one side first, then the other, so you can make sure the composition is centered.

7. Finally, close the card and glue the green cardboard rectangle on the bottom right of the front of the Christmas postcard. Decorate with the red gift ribbon and add a message.

And you have this original Christmas card with pop up gifts ready!

When we decide to send a Christmas or Christmas card to our loved ones and they receive it, they perceive that we have remembered them in a very special way since we have invested part of our time in buying the postcard, writing the dedication and sending it well in advance. If, in addition, you have done it with all your love, they will feel much more flattered.

So in We propose you some other designs of very beautiful and simple Christmas cards to make.

- 3D reindeer card
This Christmas card is used both to decorate the house during the holidays and to send it to someone very special. Thanks to a small cardboard, the character on your postcard will appear to be sticking out, creating an impressive three-dimensional effect. To make this card even funnier, we recommend that you put some plastic eyes, which you can buy at any stationery store, and a loud rattle for the reindeer.

- A Christmas greeting with a snowball effect
Have you ever had a crystal ball with a Christmas figurine inside that, when shaking it, the snow moved from one side to the other? This Christmas postcard has the same effect. Among other materials, to make this Christmas postcard you need some artificial snow, glitter, a plastic portfolio and colored cards. Any of your family and friends who receive this postcard will be amazed.

- Christmas postcard with a hanging ball
This Christmas card is very simple to make, but it is very colorful. It is perfect to put at the feet of the Christmas fir tree, to congratulate Santa Claus on Christmas when he leaves the presents. To make it, you only need colored cardboard, a string, some brads and an awl. This craft requires adult supervision, as children can injure themselves cutting the ball.

- Christmas card made with tweezers
And finally, we propose you a very original Christmas postcard. With tweezers or pins, you can hang small pieces of paper on which to write a nice Christmas dedication. No one would expect you to send them such a curious Christmas, for which everyone would be very grateful.

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