The ideal diet for children

A healthy and balanced diet is essential for the optimal growth of children. Their eating habits not only influence the weight and height of children according to their age, they also directly influence their state of health through their cholesterol or triglyceride count.

The nutritionist Lucia Bultó, author of the book Nutrinanny's advice, the solutions that work for children's nutrition, offers us in this interview the best tips to prepare an ideal diet for children.

What is the ideal diet for children? What are the goals of good infant nutrition?
Good nutrition for children is one that is varied, sufficient and balanced. The objective of a good infant feeding is that the child eats well so that his growth is complete and adequate. We must give him the material he needs to reach the height and weight corresponding to his age in a healthy way.

How can we get children to eat everything and in the right amount?
The child is a learner and we have to teach him the same way he is taught mathematics or geography. The child must be taught to eat and there must be a point of authority in this learning, through parents, school, grandparents ...

The child has to eat everything in not very large quantities, since sometimes we sin in wanting the child to eat too much. He has to eat depending on his age, his size and also his appetite, because his appetite is a symptom of the child's needs.

How should the change from shredded to solid food be for the baby?
Like any change, it has to be gradual. The key is to maintain the fruity and vegetable flavor throughout this transition. We will change the texture, going from a liquid texture much easier to swallow and swallow, to a texture with a little more grain, larger.

And the child has to be able to click, to see different colors, to try other textures ... Children have to go towards solid food, but not from one day to the next or from one month to the next, we need time for the child be able to admit that flavor in crushed texture and in solid, in pieces.

Do children eat meat to excess? What are the consequences of excess protein?
Proteins are wrongly overrated nutrients. Most people think that the main nutrient is protein, and that is a mistake because there are 6 nutrients and all 6 are just as important. An excess of protein, in 99 percent of the cases, is linked to an excess of fat.

In the meat there are proteins, the same as in the egg, in the ham ... but there is also fat and cholesterol. An excess of protein, generally, is linked to an excess of fat, cholesterol and saturated fat. This can lead to obesity and excess fat in the blood.

What Happens When Children Eat Too Much Carbohydrates?
When children take too much of something, they have an excess and it always turns into fat, because the body does not eliminate everything that is left over. It's not like water, I drink a lot and go to the bathroom more. With the issue of caloric nutrients, it is not like that, the body in anticipation of moments of famine, when it does not find energy substrate to sustain life, has a great predisposition to reserve.

An excess of carbohydrates or proteins, the body reserves it in the form of fat, favoring obesity.

What is the balanced amount of carbohydrates, fats, proteins and vitamins that children should take?
There are amounts established by the health authorities of the WHO (World Health Organization). They are a guide to have a starting point: half of the calories, that is, 50 percent should come from carbohydrates, between 12 and 15 percent in the form of protein and between 25-35 percent in the form of fat. In each case, it will be the pediatrician and the nutritionist who will fine-tune the percentages.

What should we put on the children's plate?
In principle, we must fill half the plate with foods rich in carbohydrates: bread, pasta, potato, rice. 12-15% should be reserved for protein foods: meat, fish, eggs, ham, legumes, lentils, beans and chickpeas. And the rest would correspond to the fat, which is already united with the meat (the fat of the meat), the oil with which we season or prepare the dish or nuts that are very rich in fat.

Marisol New. Copywriter

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