Pee stop method: it damages children's self-esteem and does not control peeing

What to do if my 7-year-olddoes not control pee at night? First of all, do not blame or hold you responsible. He doesn't do it because he wants to, or to annoy you. Infant enuresis is caused by causes of all kinds: overproduction of nocturnal urine, a smaller bladder, emotional stress, diseases such as diabetes or constipation and even hereditary issues. That is why you have to understand that, behind a childwho leaks urine during sleep - Although it is indicative, those who do not control the sphincters from the age of 7 can be considered a problem - there is a medical and treatable cause.

Among the methods most used by many parents is thePee stop. Its operation consists of putting a sensor in the child's underpants or panties. When a few drops come out, the device begins to sound like an alarm and wakes up the child (and the whole family) to stop urination. In this way, it is 'supposed' that the child intuitively and, based on repetitions, realizes the sensations and moments when he wants to pee, it 'helps' him to anticipate and not to do it in bed.

From my point of view it is about 'learning with error', that is, it is learned by punishment and with successive frustrations (let's not forget that pee on for children it is very frustrating), until the little one comes to assume the mechanism, but of course this can be after many failures. And yes, with Pee stop your child assimilates what is happening, but what about hisself esteem? It is touched and undermined, and it is not an apprenticeship in which he perceives his capacity for transformation and evolution.

I sincerely believe that it is more positive for their emotional development and to strengthen and reinforce their autonomy that, once it is more or less clear at what times of the night they pee, the child is awakened a little earlier to go to the bathroom . In this way, yourself esteem it will be strengthened, because it will perceive that he is doing his part and that he is the protagonist of change.

And, despite the fact that, as I said before, I am not at all in favor of the methodPee stop, I have to admit that, in some respects, it can help parents to know at what time of night the child pees, write it down and start waking him up in short times, and then distance him in time until he finally resists the pull until the next morning. You have to be getting up and, at midnight you don't feel like anything, but with thePee stopYou do it the same and above with the cries of your son.

With this solution that I propose, he will see that he is achieving achievements and ... what child does not like to do things by himself? This road can be long and, in the middle, there may be small leaks or setbacks, and that is something that does not depend on the child's ability but on his physiological maturation and we cannot fight against that.

But it is not the only thing that as parents we can do. In these cases, it is also important to talk to him, tell him that he is not the only one - because he is not - that he is going through the same situation and even tell him a story to see on this subject.

I recommend youRound and Yellow, the story of a boy who leaks urine at night and has to face the fear that the rest of the school will find out at his first summer camp. Or that you see the movieThe lonely runnerabout a boy whopees on the bedand his parents spread the sheets on the patio for their friends to see. In his eagerness to hide it, he runs to remove them from the sight of his teammates and thus becomes an Olympic runner.

Today is the pee, but tomorrow it may be the difficulty to speak in public or to make friends. Let us accompany him in all these moments with a hug, with a word, with a look ... It is the best gift we can give him!

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