Soup recipes for kids

Soups and purees are one of the best foods we can have on cold days. They are perfect for a dinner or lunch, as a first course. This time we propose a healthy and complete vegetable and chicken soup.

The recipe for children of soups and creams meet all the requirements to be very healthy dishes for children, also with little effort we will make a more special homemade soup. has selected the best recipes from soups for children.

Vegetable soups have several vegetables that provide vitamins necessary for growth, you can also give them a different touch with meat or fish so that children are encouraged to try it. Or you can also prepare soups with fish.

In infant nutrition, fish plays a very important role. If your children don't like it, offer them a nice soup.

These recipes for children are very simple and your children will like it, because the flavor of the broths made with different ingredients are tasty ideas for easy meals and dinners.

Fish soup. With this simple fish soup for sick children you can give your children a healthy food with a soft diet but that is tasty for them. Fish soup recipe for children. Easy recipes with fish for children.

Green soup. Green broth recipe, step by step. our site has prepared one of the most traditional recipes in Portugal: the green broth. A soup that offers many nutrients to children.

Peasant soup with ham. Recipe for vegetable soup with ham for children. A healthy way to combine vegetables and ham, a twist that will make it easier for kids to eat their daily portion of vegetables.

Vegetable and chicken soup. Soups, creams and purees are one of the best foods we can have on cold days, like this children's recipe for vegetable and chicken soup. Quick and easy recipe for children's dinner.

Noodle and fish soup. Fish is important but the 'little ones' don't usually like it. Here you have a noodle soup with fish balls, an original and fun recipe for children. Simple fish and noodle soup recipe for kids.

Funny tomato soup. Easy tomato soup recipe. Tomato soup with a face, a fun dish for children. Decorated food recipes for children. How to make tomato soup for children.

Garlic soup and bread. Garlic and bread soup is an inexpensive and simple dish that allows you to take advantage of the remains of bread to prepare a very healthy and nutritious recipe for children. Castilian soup or garlic soup. A very easy and quick homemade recipe to prepare.

Soy and bean soup. In this recipe for green soybean or mung bean soup you will find a healthy and rich dinner for children, suitable for vegetarians and with many nutrients.

Spinach soup with meatballs. This spinach soup with boiled egg is indicated for children and pregnant women who have problems with anemia or lack of iron in their body, or who need to lose some weight. Very creamy homemade recipe, ideal for the family dinner.

Soya and pumpkin soup. Soya and pumpkin seed soup, a perfect recipe for vegetarians and for children to eat protein in a tasty and simple way.

Chickpea and egg soup. Legumes are not among the favorite foods for children, but they will eat them with this children's recipe for chickpea soup and boiled egg for children.

Rice and carrot soup. Homemade rice soup recipe with carrots and chicken. Stomach illnesses make children's diets have very little variety. To help them recover, we have prepared this rice soup with carrots, following a very easy homemade recipe.

Minestrone soup. Minestrone soup, a traditional Italian recipe that is nothing more than a vegetable soup to which beans and pasta are added. How to make, step by step, a minestrone soup for children.

Mexican tortilla soup. The tortilla soup or Aztec soup is a typical Mexican dish that we can prepare at home easily and quickly by following this recipe. It is a very tasty dish and we can adapt it a little to children by eliminating the chili if they do not like spicy.

Cherry tomato soup. Tomato is a very nutritious food for children, but since they do not usually like it, we propose a recipe for children of roasted tomato and cherry tomato soup that they will not be able to resist.

Cherry soup. To surprise children with a different dessert, prepare this children's recipe for cherry soup, they will love it for its surprising presentation and unique flavor.

Soup with mini meatballs. If you still don't know what to do for dinner or a children's first course, our site offers you a very attractive, simple and quick recipe to prepare: a miniature meatball soup.

Lasagna soup. Lasagna soup recipe. A quick, easy and very light recipe for children's lunch or dinner. Guiainfantil offers a recipe to surprise children, with the same ingredients and the same flavor as a lasagna, and with mini-meatballs.

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