Bleeding in the first trimester of pregnancy

Bleeding in the first trimester of pregnancy

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Blood is always a reason for alert during pregnancy, one of the clear signs that we are pregnant is precisely the absence of the rule (amenorrhea), so, if at any time during pregnancy there are blood losses through the vagina, we must Go to our gynecologist as soon as possible and rest, although it does not necessarily mean the loss of the baby.

The number of spontaneous abortions and bleeding in the first trimester is quite high today and the reasons that motivate them are not always found. But once we have experienced both an abortion and a bleeding, it must be part of our reproductive history, since there are well-founded suspicions that the woman who experiences them at some time may have a risky pregnancy with later complications. Medical control during pregnancy is very important.

A study carried out in Denmark in which 800,000 medical records were analyzed, has revealed that there is a higher incidence of premature delivery (before the 37th week) in those women who had bleeding during the first trimester in the first pregnancy, of which It shows that women who bleed at the beginning of their first pregnancy, but their pregnancy continues and they manage to have the baby, have a greater risk in the next pregnancy of suffering complications.

The risk of premature birth, premature placental abruption, or premature rupture of membranes (amniotic fluid sac) before 37 weeks of gestation (weeks in which a pregnancy is considered to be at term), occurs in greater numbers in the pregnant women who have had a previous pregnancy with blood loss.

According to the study, these losses may be closely related to these problems, hence the importance of putting yourself in medical hands for the careful control of pregnant women who have previously had a pregnancy with vaginal bleeding, even if they have not lost their baby.

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