The astronaut. Children's stories about bedwetting

A pee deactivator? I wish all parents of children with urine control problems had a pee deactivator, right? Well, in this story there is one that solved an astronaut's disorder. Read this story to your son and you will see how he will be encouraged to learn not to piss on himself or in bed. Through stories, children not only have fun but also learn a lot from messages.

A short time ago, an astronaut was sent on a secret mission. The mission did not appear; on television or in the newspapers, because it was that, secret. This astronaut was going to investigate a new planet: the dry planet.

It was called that because on this planet no child pees on the bed. The astronaut successfully landed on the planet and was received with all honors.

After researching for weeks, the astronaut discovered an invention that helped the children of Planeta Seco to fight against pee: the pee deactivator.

The astronaut, excited by the discovery, asked if it could be taken to Earth.

- You can take a copy, but not the original because the original Deactivator only works in the Dry Planet.

We will make a copy for you so that you can take it to planet Earth and use it on earthly children, the inhabitants of Planeta Seco told him.

The astronaut was very happy, and a few days later he left in his rocket carrying the invention to Earth

Since then, the Pee Defuser has been going from house to house to help children with enuresis.


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