6 things that make your baby happy

The goal of any parent is to raise their children happy. If we think of things that can make children happy, surely we get a huge list of things we can do to make them smile and feel better but, How to make your baby happy? When the child is very young, it may seem that the options to make him laugh are fewer. We show you how to get it.

What can make your baby happy may surprise you. And, according to some studies on happiness, happiness is achieved not with something we give to children, but with what we teach them. So much so that hyper-gifted children end up being frustrated, bored and unhappy teenagers.

1. Calm the baby when he cries: Whether he is crying from hunger, annoyance or boredom, it is important to pay attention to that emotion, not turn around and leave him crying in the room because we cannot bear the screaming. Holding the baby in your arms, calming him down, talking calmly to him, and paying attention to his upset will reassure the baby.

2. Encourage fun times with the baby: you are what makes your baby happiest, so if you spend time talking to him, even if he does not understand the words, smiling at him, playing with objects, tickling, kissing his tummy, playing tag ... you will achieve that feel very happy. Play not only creates joy in babies and children, it also helps them generate skills for future happiness.

3. Teach your baby to acquire skills: Don't you feel happier when you have finally managed to understand that motive that brought you down the street of bitterness? People feel satisfied and therefore happy as we learn and acquire skills. Babies do it too, when they manage to take a toy with their little hand, when they finally sit up without help, when they learn to crawl ... If you also congratulate them and tell them how well they are doing, they will feel exhilarated. It will be the recognition of your favorite person before a great achievement.

4. Monitor your child's care: When a baby is well cared for, clean, fed and comfortable, his mood will be much better than if he is tired, has slept poorly, has not eaten well or has a dirty diaper, in which case he will be fussy and will make you show his discomfort through crying.

5. Don't obsess over making him happy all the time: it is impossible for the child to be happy all day, at all hours. It is normal for babies to cry or be angry. Children also need to learn to tolerate a bit of anguish, displeasure, or even learn to solve some things on their own, such as taking that toy that is a little further away, without the parents running to solve everything. Facing challenges, failing and trying again is a path that leads to happiness.

6. Be an example for your baby: research proves it and psychologists repeat it endlessly. Parents are mirrors in which children look at each other. Our temperament can also be transmitted, not through our genes, but through our behavior or the parenting style we give our children. If we are sad, dissatisfied, distressed, and short-tempered all day, they will end up mimicking our behavior.

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