Feeding tips for underweight children

At the present time we are immersed in a true pandemic, given that 30-40% of the child population is overweight or obese.

But we can also find the opposite extreme: children who would find it highly beneficial to increase their body weight. These are children with chronic and debilitating diseases, whose intake is low, and whose basal metabolic rate is increased compared to healthy children.

Both for children who feel sick and for children who are inappetent and are a matter of concern for parents, on our site we offer you a series of feeding strategies for underweight children. They are a series of very useful tricks to improve your health through proper nutrition.

Does a good nutritional status have benefits for children with cancer?

It has been shown that a good nutritional status conditions a faster recovery after the application of chemotherapy, fewer days of hospitalization and a lower predisposition to develop infectious complications. Besides all this, it improves your quality of life and your bodily appearance.

How can we improve the nutritional status of a child?

We can use specific nutritional supports, such as enteral or parenteral nutrition. Enteral nutrition consists of the administration of nutrients of various types through a tube and parental nutrition consists of introducing the patient with nutrients intravenously. But before that, it is convenient to apply a series of tips to increase the caloric value of the dishes that we offer to these patients. We will do this by increasing the fat intake, if possible at the expense of healthy fat; and balancing it with plant elements.

What specific examples of foods can be beneficial for underweight children?

-Creams / purees. We can add whole wheat bread croutons, and a little liquid cream or butter.

-Vegetables. Try coating them with chickpea flour, or gratin a vegetable with b├ęchamel sauce and cheese. Include avocado in salads.

-Fruits. Wrapped in dark chocolate, or in combination with Greek yogurt and walnuts, they are a delight.

-Meat. Fill a round of veal with nuts, and raisins / dried apricots.

-Fish. Add a reasonable portion of mayonnaise sauce to our favorite white fish.

-Pasta. Let's make a lasagna with integral plates, stuffed with vegetables and chicken.

What can we do when the child does not want to eat?

The last secret ... Let us consider your preferences. A child who does not eat because he is sick is not a capricious child. Let's listen to him, and take note of his favorite dishes.

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