When children are ready to control pee

As with crawling, first steps or speech, there is no set and perfectly defined age at which the child should control the toilet. Urine control can vary according to the degree of maturity of each child, some children control when they are close to 24 months and others closer to 36 months, in any case we can begin to familiarize children with pee and its functioning through games, urinals, or simply by observing other family members.

Although there is no exact date, we can assess the development of our child and the stimulus that we must provide, taking into account some necessary preconditions or stages passed, this is how we should begin:

- If you are able to walk safely

- If you can sit alone

- If you communicate with us through language or, at least, understand simple orders

- If we see some autonomy in their movements and games

- If we observe that it is able to keep the diaper dry, at least for two hours. We can help and stimulate them, but we will need, without remedy, the collaboration and motivation of the child's child to achieve the goal set, hence the importance of not pretending that the child controls before his physical maturity allows it and we can demoralize or cause anxiety.

Once we feel our son and we consider that he is really ready, we should not necessarily wait for the good weather to arrive, we can start training at any time, but without showing any hurry or nervousness.

- Offer the child a first contact, offer moments to become familiar.

- Facilitate access to their genitals, putting comfortable clothes and easy to get off

- We can start with the removal of the diaper for a few hours, when we have time at home, especially on weekends and talk with him lovingly about what he has to do.

- We will offer the potty or the toilet as a game in which to sit down and see if something can come out (the stay time will be short, around 5 or 10 minutes).

- If the child pees on himself, we should not scold him, feeling wet will also help him learn (you will see that he feels uncomfortable). We should take this moment to remind you where to pee.

- Congratulate him and praise his achievements

- When it remains dry for a few hours, we can begin with the continuous removal of the diaper, starting with the daytime diaper, later we will also remove the nappy diaper. The one at night should not be definitively eliminated until the child wakes up with a dry diaper for several days or wakes up asking for a pee at night.

- The rate of advance is particular and individual to each child, we must avoid comparisons with other children and, of course, also humiliation.

The entire process can take a year or more. It is also considered normal that the child (especially, at the beginning), suffers from leaks, so we will make sure to have a change available throughout the process. In kindergartens and schools, they usually request a complete change from the beginning of training until the age of 5 or 6.

Patro Gabaldon. Copywriter

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