Why are children born left-handed

Why are children born left-handed

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Write with the left hand, kicking the ball with the left leg, or having more ease in daily life with the left side of the body is something that happens to many children. Using the left hand to draw or also choosing it to use cutlery at meal times is a most natural trend, and discover why.

A left handed child is one who not only learns to write and use cutlery to eat with his left hand, but also prefers to use his hands, legs and the tendency of his own body towards this side instead of the right.

This preference is given in different activities in which they have to implement the body extremities, such as a game, reaching for an object with their hands or even pointing to something that catches their attention.

Although science has not yet determined why exactly some people have a natural tendency to be right-handed, and others to be left-handedYes, there are certain similarities between those who make more use of the left part of their body.

The predilection for one of the hands or legs begins in the womb, and children will already have that natural option when they arrive in the world. This also means that the 15% of the population that tends to go to the left when carrying out their actions has a certain genetic tendency that will be perfected over time thanks to the stimulation.

One of the common traits of people who are left-handed is the fact that they are much more creative and with a great artistic sensitivity, although they are not exactly experts in another art, which is the handling and management of emotions.

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