The anti-leak bag. Fun experiment to do with children

The anti-leak bag. Fun experiment to do with children

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We propose you to do a hilarious experiment with your child. You can do it at home, as long as you follow all the steps correctly, since otherwise ... you may have to clean up the spilled water later. But don't worry, because the experiment is very simple and also, you can always practice in the garden, the street or the pool.

To do this leak bag experimentYou only need a transparent bag, water and some very sharp pens. Are you ready? We started!


  • Transparent bag
  • Very sharp pencils
  • Water

To do this simple experiment you need few materials. If you have a transparent bag, water and some pens, you can do it without problems. Of course, it is essential that the pens are very well sharpened, so if you consider that they could be sharper, look for a pencil sharpener first and finish preparing them for the experiment.

Now yes, once you have everything ready, follow these simple steps:

1. The goal of this experiment is poke through a plastic bag filled with water with pencils without the water spilling. Is it possible?

The first thing you should do is fill the bag with water. It will be enough if you fill it a little more than half.

2. Now that you have the bag of water, the moment of truth arrives. Will you be able to get through the water bag with some pencils from part to part without a single drop of water spilling? Grab the pencil and put them fearlessly into the bag. Do not do it too quickly, but slowly, and you can see how the same pen 'plugs' the hole just created by the pen in the bag and no water is poured.

3. Do the same with some more pencil. You will see how it works with everyone!

Although it seems like a magic trick, in reality, this experiment is scientific, and teaches children certain principles of physics. In this case, they will be able to verify that some soft materials, in contact with other hard materials, adapt to them. Molecules of certain materials separate and re-seal on contact with other materials.

On this occasion, the plastic bag, on contact with the sharp tip of the pen, opens, separating its molecules, and closes again on the contact object, that is, the pen.

Is it true that these types of experiments are ideal to bring children closer to science?

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