The flavors of breastfeeding for the mother

Without a doubt, breast milk is the best food a mother can give her baby. What's more, babies can enjoy a whole menu of flavors while breastfeeding. If, on the one hand, milk awakens the senses of the palate of babies, on the other, it also brings sensations to mothers.

What does the Breastfeeding? What does the act of breastfeeding the baby taste like? Rebeca, from the blog 'Enjoying together', tells us what flavors breastfeeding has for her.

From before she was born my eldest daughter was very clear that she wanted to breastfeed, she was very internalized that it was the best for her, but I was not well. Now a long time later I realize that this had an influence. I recently read that for breastfeeding to be successful, you had to give with a live breast, a receptive and willing breast, but that was not my state. I had postpartum depression and my hormones played tricks on me.

This mixed with the fact of inexperience and not knowing led me to ways of letting cry, enduring three hours between shots, not 'collecting' ... so many and so many things that you receive from so many places that you lose the north of your own instinct. Around a month and a half I had to start supplementing with LA (here I want to make a point to thank my husband for his great support at this time that even six years later it still stirred me inside) still I did not resign myself and the chest continued to be up to two years.

The times when I was not gaining weight and stayed in a -3 percentile where I could no longer fight and had to include formula milk.

The experience as a child discovered a new flavor for me. From the beginning everything changed, I took charge of my life and knew what I wanted, I had a respected and supported home birth, we did not separate, we "collided" and all the comments that were not well received, I simply let them pass. My husband was by my side, supporting me.

Breastfeeding worked and I had no depression. She was exclusively sucking for almost a year because she was not very interested in food but she ate, tasted and experimented. I know it was okay. Now three and a half years old, she continues to suck at night and when she has a great disgust she also asks me for a tit. I know it's not just food. I know it's a safe place for her too. I know that even if they tell me what they tell me, my chest is there for her. I know it is not a vice. I know it is natural. I know we are mammals.

Rebeca. Blog 'Enjoying Together'
'The achievement of my blog is continuity, a space where I have managed to express and convey my way of understanding motherhood, where I have matured and learned and where I continue to be'.

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