Princess Acafala. Legend of Peru for children

Princess Acafala. Legend of Peru for children

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Vanity is often punished with loneliness. Or have you seen many arrogant and vain people surrounded by true friends? This is what this beautiful Peruvian legend explains to us, which also tells us, in the form of a story, how the first starfish was born.

Discover values ​​thanks to Latin American stories and legends. With this legend, 'Princess Acafala', your child will understand how bad vanity is and of course, why it is more important to take care of inner beauty versus outer beauty.

Legend has it that once a princess as beautiful as the stars was born. And as she grew, her beauty increased. She was dark, her hair was jet black and her skin was brown and smooth like velvet. Everyone adored her, because she was also smart and very elegant. The princess, whose name was Acafala, caused admiration and all fell in surrender to her beauty.

Nevertheless, Princess Acafala had a flaw: she believed herself so and so beautiful, that she even competed with the moon, the sun and the rainbow. He walked along the beach challenging the sea:

- Can't you see that I'm more beautiful than you? - I said.

His parents unsuccessfully introduced dozens of suitors to him. Princess Acafala rejected them all, because she could not feel more love for anyone than she felt for herself. He loved himself too much!

His parents, one day, told him that he should choose a husband, that there were many people with many gifts and values. But she, full of vanity and pride, she escaped, and went to the beach.

- Look at me, stars! Take a good look at me! - She shouted to the sky - Am I not beautiful? Why do my parents insist on marrying anyone? No one can ever surpass my beauty! I just want to be admired, nothing more!

The stars, hearing that, and surprised at so much vanity, they decided to teach him a lesson, and they transformed it into a star, but not one like them, but a star that would have to live forever at the bottom of the sea, in the midst of a deep darkness and far from everyone.

And that's how the first starfish was born, a beautiful star, with beautiful colors, but away from all eyes and lonely, very lonely.

Check if your child understood the message of this beautiful Peruvian legend. We help you improve your child's reading comprehension and reflect with him about the essential values ​​that this story conveys short with these questions:

1. What was Princess Acafala like?

2. What defect did it have?

3. Why did she never accept any suitors?

4. What did the stars do to punish her?

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