The mouse's dream. Children's poems about dreams

Do you usually talk to your children about what they dream about? Dreams are those little stories that we imagine when we sleep, stories that we often forget and sometimes make us laugh because of the strangeness of the situations we live in.

This is what this is about funny children's poem about dreams: Mouse dream. A little mouse dreams that he is a jazz singer and musician.

Through poems, we can teach children the pleasure of reading and all that they can learn. We invite you to read with your children this fun children's poem with rhyme: The mouse's dream.

In a cave a mouse

take a nap quietly

dreaming that a jazz sings

while a trumpet sounds.

I thought i was alone

but looking back,

see there is a snake

that makes him sing.

The mouse keeps dreaming

that is starting to fly

and the snake follows him,

singing flies behind.

What a funny story

without wings they can fly

and mice and snakes

they sing a jazz duet.

When he finally opens his eyes

the snake is gone,

but close them again

to dream again.

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