10 incredible reasons why you can't get pregnant

There are physical causes that can cause infertility and create serious problems when looking for a pregnancy. They are causes proven by science and that respond, for example, to genetic causes, diseases such as endometriosis or polycystic ovaries or the fact that the future mother is over 35 years old.

However, science has also studied other possible reasons for problems in achieving pregnancy, and has come to determine 10 surprising possible causes that can create many difficulties in conception. These are the 10 incredible reasons why you can't get pregnant.

When the pregnancy does not come, the couple begins to get nervous. Is it a physical problem? A problem with him? Or a problem with her? Disease is sought, causes related to a specific problem ... And yet the reason is not always so clear.

Science has discovered other possible reasons for infertility that are not related to endometriosis, the age of the mother or possible inherited genetic problems, but to these other surprising causes:

  1. Obesity of the mother ... and the father. It has been known for a long time that the obesity of the future mother has a direct impact on her fertility, but now it has also been shown that the obesity of the couple also influences. Couples whose two members are obese take almost 60% longer to achieve pregnancy.
  2. Workplace with high physical demand. A Harvard study showed that women whose jobs required them to lift heavy weights had more trouble getting pregnant because they had fewer mature eggs. It appears that high physical demands make conception difficult.
  3. Stressful work and changing shifts. Another cause of infertility, according to the study by experts from the Harvard School of Public Health TH Chan, has to do with workload. Women with work with a lot of stress and that involves a change of rhythm and constant shifts, cause their circadian rhythm and sleep to be altered, which in turn has an impact on fertility.
  4. The stress and obsession to conceive. Many women can't explain why they don't get pregnant. They try and there is no way, despite the fact that the doctors assure them that there is nothing to stop them. Do you know what the reason may be? Stress! The mere fact of obsessing over getting pregnant triggers levels of alpha-amylase, a marker of stress, which plays a trick on female fertility. If you want to achieve pregnancy, do not obsess, relax and run away from stress.
  5. Too much gym. Yes, sport is good and very healthy, but all in the right measure. Couples who are obsessed with the gym, in the end subject the body to an excess of exercise that also influences when looking for the baby. One study revealed that women who spent more than 5 hours a week in the gym took much longer to achieve pregnancy.
  6. The sedentary life of the father. It turns out that the problems in getting pregnant are not just about the woman, but the man also has a lot to say about it. In this case, it has been shown that in couples where the man does not exercise enough and prefers the sedentary life of television, they have a poorer quality of semen, and therefore, more problems to achieve conception.
  7. Excess processed meat. There are numerous studies regarding the problems of eating too much processed meat. and one of them is related precisely to fertility. For example, it has been shown that men who base their diet on the ingestion of hamburgers, hot dogs, bacon ... have sperm with much lower mobility. Your sperm cells move slower and this makes pregnancy difficult. The comparison in this case was with that of men who ate more based on white meat (turkey, chicken ...) ... who turned out to be much more successful when conceiving.
  8. Smartphone in your pocket. Men have to keep their cell phone in their pants pocket. A big mistake. Numerous studies have shown that having electronic devices near the testicles worsens the quality of the semen. It may be due to the emission of electromagnetic waves and the heat given off by mobile phones, which hinders the production of semen.
  9. Too ... or not enough sex. Many couples think that the more sexual encounters they have, the easier it is to achieve pregnancy. It is not like this. The important thing is to locate the fertile days. Having too much sex worsens the quality and quantity of available sperm. By contrast, having little sex obviously affects the chances of conception.
  10. Smoke. This you have already heard. It is not a myth. Smoking makes conception difficult and also poses a risk to the future baby. If you are thinking of quitting ... it's time!

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