The dictator carnation. Story for bossy and short-tempered children

The dictator carnation. Story for bossy and short-tempered children

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Children with emperor syndrome are bossy and manipulative, doing and undoing as they please through tantrums, crying, bad manners and even insults and assaults.

One of the reasons why children behave this way is due to overly permissive parents, the lack of rules and the loss of authority. East story for bossy and short-tempered children: The dictator carnation, tell what happens when someone behaves like this and nobody does anything to prevent it. They are stories that transmit teachings to children.

In a garden all kinds of flowers had grown naturally: poppies, gardenias, roses, daisies, petunias, tulips, and one next to the other, they lived in total harmony. They grew up on the same land, drank water from the same place, and life passed peacefully.

One day, among some bushes, a small carnation was born and, from the first moment, it made its presence known: it screamed, cried, fought to drink the first one, pushed the other flowers aside to have more space and in a very short time everyone knew it was there.

Although some flowers tried to change their attitude, they were unsuccessful and, little by little, the carnation became the master of the garden, since everyone feared its fits of rage and left it to do what it wanted.

It grew larger and made a large circle around it, causing all the other flowers to be piled up in a corner of the garden. When it rained or they watered, he would not allow anyone to drink if he had not done so before and, soon after, he proclaimed himself the king of the place without anyone doing anything to prevent him.

Do you think your child has understood the story after reading it? You can take a test by asking the reading comprehension questions that we ask you below:

  • Who is the protagonist of the story?
  • What attitude did he have?
  • What did the others do to the carnation's attitude?
  • How does the tale ends?

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