The overwhelming power of the gaze in parenting

Body language is something universal, we raise and lower our heads to nod, we turn it from side to side to deny, we shrug our shoulders when we don't know something, or we raise our eyebrows as a sign of surprise. This is proof that we do not always have to speak to explain something.

Parents often use these gestures with children to avoid yelling, not to say something inappropriate or because we would say so much that it is better not to say anything. Moreover, many times we only use a glance, and that is the power of the gaze in the education of children is overwhelming.

People can speak with our eyes, a look can express love, anger, fatigue, or tiredness, the look indicates if we are happy or sad, it transmits positive or negative thoughts.

The movement of the eyes in one direction, the gestures of the eyebrows and the blinking say much more, at times, than a long, boring and excruciating soliloquy. It is, in short, part of the verbal language that we use.

We all know it and have suffered it on occasion, a single look, one of the ugly and bad ones, can really leave you crushed. Or, the other way around, a tender look, full of affection, can make your day.

Well then, parents also use looks when educating their children. Who has not thrown one of those "murderous glances" when children are hitting each other? Have you ever looked angrily at your children when you saw the room in a mess and didn't have to say anything else? Realized that a threatening look makes children stop in their tracks that blunder they were preparing?

It is a fact, the sidelong glances, the frontal glances, the direct ones or the inquisitive ones work, and if with them you cross your arms, lower your head and raise your eyes, it is already indicative for our children that, or change their attitude, or something really fat is coming.

It is possible that if experts analyze the psychology of the gaze, get us to warn parents about the negative impact it can have on their children. Honestly, so far, I have not found information about it, there I leave a fertile field to face a new challenge in child psychology ...

But, picking up the way parents use the look as a warning to our children, I think it is a better solution to shouting, threatening words, slapping and also ... it works!

The looks go a long way, they can not only stop chaos at home, a sibling fight or an incipient mischief, too We use them to obtain information from our childrenIt is the insistent look, the look to hunt down the liar.

And it is that, it is often said that the one who lies is not able to hold the gaze, so parents use our most inquisitive gaze to know what our children are lying to us and, we learn that when they already know the trick of the gaze insistent, they may try to stare at us with too much energy to try to convince us of something that is not true.

In short, we must not underestimate the power of looks, neither the angry looks, nor the loving looks, because with them and in front of our children, sometimes words are unnecessary. Adapting the saying ... "a look is worth a thousand words"

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