Tips to avoid back pain in pregnancy

Tips to avoid back pain in pregnancy

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During pregnancy, the baby grows inside your belly and it is very common that the volume of your gut, each month more noticeable, can cause back pain, an effect of gravity on your body and its control. Therefore, it is very important that, from the first moment, you start take care of your back, as well as your posture to avoid further discomfort.

On our site we give you some tips to avoid back pain in pregnancy.

As the body changes, you will notice that walking and sitting are not the same. You don't feel as comfortable as before. You may feel strange and upset, and your back suffers. You also likely feel cramps, which are mainly due to the bad posture that your body adopts due to the change in the center of gravity. So that you do not notice these changes so much, the best thing, according to the experts, is that you take care of your back from the beginning of pregnancy, starting with maintaining a good posture.

- Try to keep your back straight and the head raised towards the forehead. Imagine that you pull your head up with an imaginary rope, stretching your back.

- When standing, standing, try to distribute the weight of your body well between the two legs. In case you have to stand and stand for a long time, it is recommended that you support one leg on a chair or stool, to relieve tension on your back.

- When you have to bend down for any reason, always try to bend your knees and do it with one leg in front of the other. You will feel more comfortable. It may be necessary to vacuum, pick up an object, or sweep the house.

- When you have to sit for a long timeOn the computer, it is important that you keep your back very close to the side of the chair or armchair, and that the height allows you to put your feet on the floor.

- If you like gymnastics, or another type of exercise such as Pilates or yoga, do not abandon it, as long as you consult with your doctor. Kegel exercises are highly recommended to avoid urinary incontinence.

- At bedtime, it is best to lie on your side, especially towards the left side, since this position is beneficial for the circulation of the blood. Still, try to change your position, avoiding sleeping on your belly.

- Do not reject any help from family and friends for tasks that require a lot of movement on your part.

- To relieve back pain, lie on your back and bend your legs on your belly so that the column becomes straight.

- To relieve cramps, lie on your side and raise your upper leg in a controlled manner. Circle your feet to stimulate circulation in your lower extremities. You can also make circles with the whole leg, which will also serve to combat edema and swelling. If you do these exercises every day as a routine, you will notice that the discomfort of the back during pregnancy will decrease.

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