The top 5 sports to improve children's psychomotor skills

The top 5 sports to improve children's psychomotor skills

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It is true that all physical exercise increases motor skills, but there are certain sports practices that are optimal (or better) to develop the psychomotor skills of the little ones. Do you want to know what they are?

We tell you which are the five best, that is, the top 5 of the sports to improve the psychomotor skills of children. Take aim!

In addition to Physical Education, children must practice another series of sports that offer them infinite benefits. Sport is essential for the physical and physical development of the little ones. However, as the option is very wide, we often have the doubt: what will be the best option for our child? If what your child needs is to improve his psychomotricide, nothing like these sports:

1. Pre-sport: When the child is very young, it can be difficult to introduce younger children to the complex rules of a sport. In these cases, the pre-sport or pre-sport game allows the little ones to develop their psychomotor skills through fun games. In this way, children will learn to see sport as something fun while improving their motor skills.

2. Swimming: This is the sport most recommended by pediatricians and doctors. The reason is simple, almost all the muscles of the body are activated when we are in the water. It also helps improve breath control, increases strength and endurance in children.

3. Soccer: The beautiful sport is also a good ally to develop the psychomotor skills of the little ones. It also offers many values ​​to the little ones: teamwork, the feeling of belonging to a group and coordination are values ​​that are learned by playing this sport. Its physical benefits are related to improving coordination and increasing physical endurance.

4. Basketball: It allows children to develop many skills among which speed, concentration and balance stand out. In the same way as soccer, it helps the little ones to relate and learn what it means to play as a team.

5. Judo: Although less practiced than the previous ones, it is a traditional sport in which the basic skills and abilities of our little ones are developed. They learn to control their body and emotions as well as, through contact and play, to respect their peers.

When choosing the best sport for the little ones it is essential to take into account their tastes and hobbies. We must never impose on a child the realization of a certain sport practice, since the rejection of the smallest towards it will be encouraged.

But within all your tastes, we can guide you towards the sport that can benefit you the most. If in the case of your son, you see that he needs to improve fine motor skills, you can help him choose between the sports that we have talked about.

Psychomotricity, by the way, is the ability of the nervous system to produce the contraction of a muscle properly, it is probably the most important competence to be achieved by the little ones in their first years of life. Physical exercise and sports practice are two of the fundamental tools to achieve a good psychomotor development among the little ones. With these sports it is possible to improve in children:

- They will improve their cutting skills.

- It will be easier to write.

- It will improve your ability to paint and draw.

Poor development of these skills could lead to uncontrolled movements, coordination difficulties, limited range, or reduced strength.

Source: Miguel Angel Lopez, head of the Primary Physical Education Department at Brains International School La Moraleja

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