Vole. A story for the family acceptance of a child with a disability

Vole. A story for the family acceptance of a child with a disability

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Parents go through a hard process when they suspect that their child is beginning to behave differently from what he should be keeping in mind, taking into account his apparent development and age.

East story is dedicated to those families, who go through this process so difficult to assimilate, and to the professionals who are dedicated to providing early care to these families, so that they can face an experience like this with courage.

Read Topillo's story for the family acceptance of a child with a disability.

One day mom mole woke up very scared.

- Papa mole, papa mole! Topillo doesn't look at me when I call him.

- How can that be Mommy mole? - said Papa mole very surprised. Maybe it's because Topillo doesn't see you, it's normal, don't you think?

- Well, Papa Mole. It is that Topillo always turns his head towards me when I call him by name.

Mama mole kept doing one test after another, but most of the time, Topillo didn't make the slightest attempt to listen to his mother.

As much as he tried to make Topillo pay attention to him, the mother did not get anything.

It tickled him and he hardly laughed; He hugged him and hugged him back but soon returned to his game, digging over and over again in the same area; She tried to sing her favorite song but she wasn't paying attention. She even tried shaking it and shaking it like a mixer to see if it would get a laugh out of her! But Topillo, despite his mother's efforts, wanted nothing more than to dig and dig in the same area where he had started that morning.

- Could it be that you want to tell us something? - Papa mole said as he watched him very carefully. Maybe he's sniffed something and wants us to find it!

A few days after that morning, little Topillo's parents decided that it made no sense. Vole did not act the same, He could hardly articulate a word, and only grunted when they wouldn't let him dig into the place where at first he seemed to want to look for something.

And the thing is, Topillo had dug for so long that when nothing appeared during those days, his parents believed that he had gone mad or worse.

So in the end, the Mama and Papa mole were put in the hands of Doctor Meerkat, also nicknamed and known to all underground animals as Mr. Suri.

"Mr. Suri," said Mommy mole very seriously. I have to tell you that Topillo is very different for a few weeks. Now he doesn't look at us, or barely speak to us, and he seems obsessed all day, always digging around the same place over and over again. At first - she scratched her nose while looking thoughtful - she seemed to want to tell us something. But then we realized that it was just a game for him. But what a strange game! - The mother exclaimed with a jump - We moles don't dig tunnels like that because we do without any sense!

- I understand Mrs. Topo; I understand clearly. Know what? You were right to come see me so we can get in touch with the rest of the specialists in our tunnels. If you like, we can make some appointments with them.

Meanwhile, Mama Mole began to take notes on a small piece of paper that she carried in her bag made of old leaves, and she wrinkled her eyes as if she had glimpsed something of what she was writing, Mr. Suri, the doctor par excellence of the underground tunnels, told her :

- What do you think Señor Suri said to Mama Mole? Take some time to think about it.

- Do you think there is something wrong with Topillo? Do you think the mole parents have done well by going to Doctor Meerkat?

Next, I will tell you the first steps that a family in these circumstances could give, taking into account possible suspicions of an unusual development in their child.

1- If a professional close to your child, such as an educator or teacher, has told you about some visible changes, listen to it.

2- Observe your child for the necessary time but act quickly. Early care is very necessary in any case.

3- Go to the pediatrician. The first thing is to have a contact with medical professionals and rule out organic causes such as visual or hearing difficulties.

4- The psychologist It will be of great help not only taking care of your child. It is important that the family as a whole is united and that you surround each other. The basic strategies What they can give you will not only be necessary to care for your child; the rest of possible siblings or people who live in the family unit will also need it.

5- If your child needs other professionals such as speech therapists, physiotherapists or others, listen to them and stay tuned for follow the guidelines that are necessary. In the first months it is important to follow the steps that they indicate you.

Oh by the way. Topillo found in the tunnel that he was digging a huge diamond that he gave to his parents!

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