Hermes' antics with the turtles. Children's Stories

Greek mythology is also for children if we adapt it in the form of short and funny stories. In we are transmitting the stories of the Greek mythology to the little ones adapting them in the form of legends. In Greek mythology there were a large number of gods. This time we meet Hermes, the most mischievous god in all of Olympus famous for his deceptions and for his inventions.

On Olympus there were a large number of gods, each with its function. Yes Zeus He took care of watching over all the gods and kept them calm by threatening them with his ray, Poseidon took care of the sea with the blow of a trident and Hades ruled in the underworld. They were the heads of the gods and then there were the others, like Hermes, the most mischievous god in all of Olympus.

Hermes it went everywhere with its wings. She had a winged case, some winged sandals and she also had wings on her heels. He flew so fast that no other god could catch up with him when they got mad at him. And that happened many times because Hermes was always doing some mischief.

One day I was going Hermes walking along the beach when he suddenly came across a turtle that had died because it was over 200 years old. When Hermes approached the turtle he saw that there was only the shell, since the turtle had gone to heaven. So he took the shell and sat thinking what to do with it.

It occurred to him to put some strings along the entire shell on the inside and when he played the strings the music began to play. Hermes he had just invented the lyre but still hadn't realized it. He played the strings and a very beautiful melody attracted all animals, people and also the gods to him. He was always surrounded by people as soon as he began to touch the strings of the turtle's shell.

But there was a god Apollo, who was very envious of Hermes. Apollo wanted to keep the lyre, but did not know how to take it from him. So he took advantage of one of the antics of Hermes to get the lyre and keep him with the title of Music god.

It happened when Hermes stole all the sheep from Apollo. Well, he didn't steal them, he just hid them to play a prank on him. What happens is that Apollo was not happy to spend three days walking the fields in search of his sheep. And the sheep that did not appear anywhere; of course, Hermes had made them invisible.

Apollo he screamed and kicked because he knew that the disappearance of the sheep was the naughty's thing Hermes. until Zeus he had to put order and told Hermes that he had to return the sheep. As punishment for his mischief, Hermes he had to apologize to Apollo, but also compensate him in some way. And so he gave him the lyre that he had invented out of a tortoise shell.

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