The Bequiquiquiribé. Funny story for children

Are you looking for new stories to read to your children? We invite you to read this original story for children with an unpronounceable name: El Bequiquiquiribé. Do you know why it is titled like that?

You will have to read to the end to find out, you can't even imagine. You can read with your children this funny story for children and then carry out the reading comprehension activities that we propose.

The animals on the farm were very happy. They spent their time playing, eating, sleeping, and leading a peaceful and quiet life. One day they had a double event that broke the monotony of the farm: they were born in the same morning, at the same time and at the same moment a little lamb and a chick and they all went to welcome them.

Lanitas was white, small, fragile, tender and docile, and a few minutes after he was born he was already holding on to his four little legs.

Breaking the shell with its beak and chirping loudly, a plucked and clumsy Chick was born.

Chick and Lanitas played and ran around the farm all the time.

The two became great friends. They spent their days eating and playing. Chick fed on soybean corn and small grasses, while Lanitas still suckled from the udder of his mother sheep.

One day, Chick began to speak a strange language that nobody understood:

—Beeeeequiquiquiribeeeee, beeeeequiquiquiribeeeee! -

And sheep, lambs and goats began to laugh at him, while roosters, hens and chickens listened in confusion.

But it happened that Lanitas also spoke and to everyone's astonishment he repeated:

—Beeeeequiquiquiribeeeee, beeeeequiquiquiribeeeee! -

And roosters, hens, chickens, sheep, lambs and goats laughed with amusement.

Chick and Lanitas had invented El Bequiquiquiribé a new language.

Reading comprehension is almost as important as learning to read itself. To help your children acquire the ability to understand what they read, we suggest you ask them these questions about the text.

- What two animals were born on the farm?

- How is Lanitas?

- What is Chick like?

- What is the bequiquiquiribé?

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