Massages in babies and children

Massages in babies and children

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Nothing better than a massage to take care of your baby, to relax him and show him all your affection and love. Therapeutic massage for children receives the name of Shantala. Its origin is in India. The French doctor F. Leboyer, after observing how a mother massaged her baby, was fascinated with the force of the movements and the benefits that this practice had on babies.

Leboyer was so impressed that he decided import those techniques to the West and baptize the sequence of movements with the name of that mother, Shantala. According to Leboyer, being held, cradled, caressed, touched, massaged, etc., is something as indispensable for young children as vitamins, mineral salts and proteins.

The infant massage manages to calm children, promotes the resistance of their body, that they have a peaceful sleep and positive mental development. Massages are one of the favorite moments of babies. During the massage the little ones feel a very pleasant sensation because it is not only about skin contact, but also about perceiving sensations through the hearing, smell and vision.

If the massage is part of a daily routine, the baby will know, for example, that after the bath and before they put their clothes on, someone (mother or father or someone else) will provide this long-awaited moment.

By hearing the mother spread the oil or cream on her hands, the baby will already feel ready to live the pleasant massage experience. In these few minutes, the baby will find peace and enjoy great pleasure. Most babies love physical contact and it is no wonder that massage has such a calming and relaxing effect on them.

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